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If you have kids, you know how much they love bubblegum, and you also know what a mess they can make with it. You’ve probably heard that peanut butter can help get bubblegum out of hair, but what about bubblegum on your floors and furniture?

If you get bubblegum on your carpet, you should first freeze the gum by rubbing an ice cube over top of it. Frozen gum is easier to remove than sticky gum. Once the gum has hardened, you can then use a butter knife to scrape the gum from the carpet. You can use an adhesive remover like lacquer thinner or Goo Gone to remove the remaining pieces of gum and residue. Once all of the gum is gone, you can make a cleaning solution using one part mineral oil and eight parts liquid-dry cleaning solvent to clean the remaining stain.

If you get gum on your tile or hardwood floors, you can use ice to freeze it so that you can then scrape it off with a butter knife or spatula.

If you get gum on your leather furniture, you should first scrape off all of the gum that you can (you can use the ice method to do this, but be sure to put the ice in a ziploc bag so as not to get the leather wet). You can then make a cleaning solution with dish soap and warm water. Use a sponge to scrub your leather furniture with this solution. You can then condition the leather with saddle soap or another leather conditioner.

If you have a stubborn bubblegum stain that won’t come out of your floors or furniture, don’t worry, because the carpet cleaning experts at Premium Care Solutions in Greenville, NC can help.