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Chances are that you have probably heard about secondhand smoke, but what about thirdhand smoke? Thirdhand smoke is the residue and buildup that sits on your clothes, furniture, vehicle interiors, walls, and many other surfaces. This can lead to unpleasant and lingering smoke smells as well as stains on a number of surfaces that come into contact with cigarette smoke. Fortunately, the professional carpet cleaners at Premium Care Solutions can help!

Smoking in the home can stain your carpets and other flooring over time. The smell of smoke can also seep into your carpets and your furniture, even if you aren’t smoking in the home. With our steam extraction cleaning system, we can remove these stains and smells from a number of surfaces in your home.

If you’re looking to clean up the damage of thirdhand smoke in your home, check out one of our packages, or speak with us to create a special cleaning program just for your home’s needs. Give us a call today at Premium Care Solutions in Greenville, NC.