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With the holiday season just around the corner, there’s a chance you might enjoy a drink with friends and family. There’s no bigger party foul than spilled wine or beer. However, don’t let those accidents ruin your holidays, because we have some cleaning tips for you!

When it comes to wine, especially red wine, a spilled glass can be a real nightmare. The first thing you should do if someone spills red wine is to blot up all the excess liquid as quickly as possible. Then, if you have club soda on hand, pour some of the stain, and blot, then repeat until the stain is gone. If you don’t have any club soda, you can make a solution using one-part dishwashing soap and two-parts white vinegar. The key to cleaning up wine, whatever solution you choose to use, is to blot the stain and not rub it.

While spilled beer might not stand out as much on your carpet, it can really raise a stink if you don’t clean it up quickly. Just like with a wine spill, you’ll want to blot up the excess liquid as soon as you can. Then, make a cleaning solution with 2 cups of warm water, one tablespoon of white vinegar, and one tablespoon of white vinegar. Put the cleaning solution a little bit at a time, blotting as you go.

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