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If you suffer from seasonal allergies, then you know that spring and fall can be some of the most miserable times of the year. But, did you know that you can track pollen from outside into your home, and then that pollen can get trapped in your carpet and upholstery, making you feel miserable, even when you’re indoors?

To help prevent this from happening, you should place doormats at each doorway that leads outdoors. You should also take your shoes off by the door and change your clothes before you sit down anywhere. In addition, you should sweep, dust, and vacuum more often during the times of year when you suffer from seasonal allergies.

Even with your best cleaning efforts, pollen can still make its way into your home’s carpet and upholstery. That’s why we offer a cleaning package that is catered specifically towards those who suffer from allergies. Our Green Package uses cleaning methods and products that are made especially for allergen control. In addition, our cleaning process not only removes stains, but sanitizes your home’s carpet and upholstery to the deepest level, making them virtually germ and allergen free.

When you choose Premium Care Solutions in Greenville, NC, you can breathe more easily. So, give us a call today!