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While Christmas decorations can be beautiful, they can do a number on your carpet, especially if you get a real Christmas tree each year. Here are some tips to help protect your carpet from Christmas decoration messes:

Tips for your Christmas tree:

  • If you get a real tree each year, be sure to place it securely in a tree stand so that it doesn’t tilt.
  • Add a Christmas tree skirt beneath the tree to protect your carpet from tree sap and other debris. 
  • Vacuum your carpet regularly to pick up fallen tree needles.
  • Use a measuring cup when watering your Christmas tree to avoid overfilling the stand.

Now let’s talk about those decorations with glitter. Glitter in your carpet can be a real pain, and oftentimes your vacuum doesn’t pick up all of the glitter. For those stubborn, leftover pieces, you can use a lint roller, or wrap some masking tape around your hand, to pick them up.

What about dropped cookies or spilled icing? If you drop icing on your carpet, or your kids let a Christmas cookie fall (with the icing side down, of course), then don’t worry. First, spray the stain with a cleaning solution of dish detergent and water. Then, blot (don’t rub) the stain with a wet paper towel. Next, make a solution of 2 parts water and 1 part vinegar and continue to blot the stain until it all comes up. 

If this Christmas season leaves your carpet looking dingy after all of the festivities, give us a call at Premium Care Solution in Greenville, NC.