With over 20 years of experience in the carpet cleaning industry, Premium Care Solutions is proud to serve Greenville, NC, Pitt County, Wilson County, and Wilson, NC. We offer professional carpet, upholstery, and tile and grout cleaning services. When it comes to keeping your floors clean, we promise to provide you with the most cutting edge and effective cleaning services around.

If you’ve had a fire in your home, the damage can be devastating. Some fires can ruin entire homes, while others are contained into one area of the home. Even if this is the case, those spaces touched by fire will need some repairs and serious cleaning. Sometimes, entire floors have to be replaced if the damage is more extensive. Sometimes, floors can be cleaned.

If you’ve had a smaller fire in your home, it can still cause some pretty serious damage. Even those areas not directly touched by fire or smoke can still smell strongly of smoke. Other areas may have gotten water damage from when the fire was extinguished. If you have carpet flooring or upholstery that has been affected by smoke or water, we can deep clean these areas to help remove both the stains and smells present.

A fire in your home, no matter how small, can be devastating, both financially and emotionally. However, cleaning and repairing the damaged areas of your home can help you get a fresh step forward. If you need help cleaning your carpets and upholstery, be sure to give us a call at Premium Care Solutions in Greenville, NC and Wilson, NC.