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If you have kids, you know that craft time can be a great time for the little ones to express their creativity, but craft time can also be pretty messy! Between caked-in Play Doh, spilled glitter, and stray marker dots and spots, your carpet and furniture can really take a beating from arts and crafts.

If you’ve ever dealt with caked-in Play Doh or spilled glitter, you know that they seem almost impossible to get out. Fortunately, there are some tricks you can use to remove them for good. 

If you get Play Doh in your carpet or upholstery, it’s important to remember that you should let it dry completely before you try to clean it up. It is much easier to remove dry Play Doh! Once it’s dry, you can use a stiff cleaning brush to scrub it up. Then, vacuum the pieces of Play Doh that you’ve loosened up with the brush. Once the Play Doh is removed, it might leave behind an oily stain; if this is the case, blot a small amount of rubbing alcohol on the stain. 

If you’ve ever spilled glitter, you know that such a small thing can make a huge mess. No matter how much you sweep or vacuum, there always seems to be some glitter left behind. For those small bits left over after you vacuum, you can use a balloon (yes, a balloon) or a lint roller to pick up the stubborn leftovers.

If you get a permanent marker stain on your carpet, you can use certain household items like rubbing alcohol or hair spray to get it up. Just blot them on the stain until it’s gone and then clean the spot with water.

Craft time with your kids can be a lot of fun, but it can also leave behind a big mess! If your kids’ art projects have left behind wear and tear on your carpet, let us help you clean up their mess. Give us a call at Premium Care Solutions for all of your carpet cleaning needs in the Greenville, NC area.