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Painting your nails can be a relaxing and fun way to pamper yourself. However, the fun ends quickly when a bottle of nail polish gets knocked over and spills all over your carpet, tile, or upholstery. Luckily, there’s no need to panic. With a few simple cleaning tricks, you can remove the nail polish and get your home looking as good as new.

If you spill nail polish on your tile, that’s typically the easiest surface to clean. If the nail polish is still wet, sprinkle some salt or sugar on the spill; it will quickly absorb the nail polish, and then you just need to sweep it up. If the nail polish has dried, you can use a butter knife to scrape up what you can, and then nail polish remover to get rid of the rest. Please note that if your tile floors are marble or granite, nail polish remover may be too abrasive, and you should use a solution of dish soap and water instead.

If you spill nail polish on your carpet, you’ll want to remove all of the excess polish that you can. If the polish is wet, then use a paper towel to blot, NOT wipe or rub, the excess polish; if the nail polish is dry, use a butter knife to scrape up as much as you can. Next, you’ll wet the stain with cold water. Then, you will spray hairspray on the stain followed by rubbing alcohol. Then, use a small bristle brush to scrub the stain while you continue to apply cold water. Then, apply non-acetone nail polish remover to the stain and continue to scrub. (Please note that you should only apply this remover to lighter colored carpets.) Blot the stain. Vacuum the excess liquid. Repeat these steps as necessary.

If you spill nail polish on the upholstery of your furniture, both the color and the material type of your upholstery will determine what kind of cleaning methods you will use to remove it. Do some research online to determine which cleaning method will work best for your specific type of furniture and upholstery.

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